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At Digo Living, we specialize in designing custom bag & packaging solutions to fit your application. With many of different clients across the world ranging from soap & agri industries,art and crafts to hospitality.We have great experience to custom bag solution to meet your requirement without limitation on design and quantity.

Zero Waste

At Digo, sustainable
living is at the heart of our business, and there’s a lot of love and passion that goes
into designing and creating these wonderful products.

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100% Nepali Owned

Digo Living is a proud 100% Nepali owned business working with over 100 families of artisans
who actively participate in our mission to create sustainable living.

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At Digo, we stand with our planet and our people. The future depends on businesses
and consumers alike moving to sustainable products that do not cost the health of
our environment.

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All our products are biodegradable so that you know that the product will not only
serve you but also Mother Nature.

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Why you should replace plastic bags with Cotton/Jute Bags

A strong natural fiber and is biodegradable and compostable Non-biodegradable and can take more than 400 years to break down
Reuseable Mostly not reusable and huge amounts of it end up in landfill
Manufactured using natural fibers that can be easily grown naturally Manufactured using petroleum which is not a renewable natural resource
Durable and looks good for a longer period Shorter life and begins losing its shine sooner
Low CO2 footprint High CO2 footprint
Soft, smooth and pleasant to the touch Hard to the touch
Can be machine washed Cannot be machine washed
Easy for logo printing Requires fairly thick lines and larger font sizes