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Wool Dryer Balls

Wool dryer balls for your drying

Another landmark product of Digo living is wool dryer balls. Actually, these dryer balls are made from the finest sheep wools from Australia and New Zealand. They are handcrafted in Nepal.

The entire process of making these balls follow the organic procedure where use of chemicals during the production is strictly prohibited. Moreover, during washing of the dryer balls, the organic/natural soap were used.

The wool dryer balls are dry clothes more easily and faster than traditional drying. They also soften the cloths in the dryer. These woolen balls, when put together with wet cloths into the dryer, they flip-flop together with the laundry. Most often, the cloths twig together in the dryer that slows down the aeriation process thereby affecting the drying process.

Conversely, when the dryer balls are kept together with the wet fabrics, they get in between the clothes. Also, the balls then isolate the clothes apart, thereby allowing more hot air in and around the laundry. Likewise, these woolen balls also draw the evaporated water off the dryer smoothly. As a result, the dryer can heat the laundry quickly and effectively.

Additionally, the aeration, rolling of the balls over the fabric not only helps the cloths dry sooner, but also help the fabric remain untangled and glossy.

How to use Digo Living Wool Dryer Balls?

The primary function of the wool dryer balls helping laundry to dry is by separating them from one another in the dryer so as to allow hot air circulate through clothes more efficiently.

In fact, these balls require some space to make the work efficiently. Therefore, while loading, one need to put 2 to 3 medium sized balls into the dryer ensuring enough space for balls to roll around the laundry. However, the process need to be taken care of to know if the dryer has accomplished it work.

It is better not to let the dryer over dry the laundry.

Additionally, before putting these dryer balls into the dryer, a few drops of favorite essential oil can be applied onto it. By adding the essential oil, the same smell of air can be transferred into laundry which makes them smell great. All these process needs no extra chemical process.

To start with, after applying oil on the woolen dryer balls, they should be kept for up to 15-25 minutes before using. If the oil gets evenly into the dryer balls, the fragrance will be dispersed more thoroughly in the dryer, that makes the laundry smell more by the end of the process.

Benefit of Wool Dryer Balls

  • These dryer balls reduce the drying time—by up to 40%, thus saves time and money.
  • They are hundred percent organic, made from renewable source, and are biodegradable.
  • They soften the fabric naturally as a result no chemical is required in this process.
  • Woolen dryer balls are re-used for many times that saves money. In a contrary, commercial dryer are more expensive and are disposed after one or two uses. This adds extra garbage to the environment.
  • Harmful chemicals and fragrances are used in industrial fabric softeners and dryer sheets; however, dryer balls use no such chemicals. Additionally, there is no harmful effect of dryer balls on skin which are usually found in commercial dryers.
  • Woolen dryer balls are very good for drying delicate barbeques and baby diapers, and maintains softness, whereas, the commercial dryers have harmful chemicals that might end up producing rashes in skin.
  • The wool Dryer Balls doesn’t alter the soaking property of diapers or towels; however conventional dryers can modify the absorbency of these fabric.
  • The dryer balls increase the glossiness of the fabric and helps to soften the clothes naturally.
  • Dryer balls are made from a renewable resource.
  • Few drops of natural fragrance—your favorite essential oil—can be used in the balls so as to make your laundry smell good as you like.
  • Woolen Dryer Balls by Digo Living is ethically produced by keeping the welfare of the maker with due importance. The company helps them by providing fair wages for their work.
  • The dryer balls do not produce skin allergies of any kind because they are 100% natural.
  • Further, the package that comes along with the balls are waste free, and biodegradable.

FAQ (Woolen Dryer Balls)

These woolen dryer balls have better interaction with clothes fabrics than that of chemical ones. They dry laundry naturally, in an organic way, without chemicals, and fabrics remain without any mesh after drying. Furthermore, the woolen dryer balls produced at Digo Living are made from the finest wools from Australia and New Zealand. Therefore, the quality of raw materials is assured.

Depending upon the use, these dryer balls usually last for up to 5 years, and for over 800 to 1200 drying cycles. They usually endure for up to 1,000 loads.

Wool is a natural product that soften the laundry as a result of the ball rubbing against the fabric. Next, wool can absorb harmful chemicals and odor, therefore it makes the clothes look cleaner and fresher.

Put a few of them—based on the load and the space available in the dryer—together with the laundry. Then, during the operation of the dryer, the dryer balls can soak the additional water that usually clogs between the clothes. Likewise, it also softens the fabric and reduced the drying time.

It depends on the size of the load and how well the dryer performs. When you have smaller regular loads, you can use 3 to 4 balls. However, if you have bigger loads, almost of double the smaller ones, the balls are also used proportionately. Meaning, 7 to 8 balls for medium to bigger loads, and so on. However, we you shouldn’t worry if the balls outnumber the clothes, because there is no chemical involved, therefore no problem.

The dryer balls roll round in the dryer together with the laundry. They infuse surplus water from the laundry and keep them away from each other so as to allow heat and hot air through the laundry. Doing so facilitates quicker drying. In addition, the balls jump against the fabric making them glossier and softer.

Yes, they do. While separating clothes from one another, they do collect hairs and clogs that come along the clothes.

Yes, it is perfectly okay to clean them. Usually, cleaning is not required, however, in order to remove stubborn hair or clogs, it can be cleaned with plain water.

The old and discarded balls can be reused not as dryer balls but as other household stuffs. It can be used to wrap camphor or fragrance then be used to keep in cupboards, drawers or closets.

Any machines, new or old, is capable of handling these dryer balls. However, depending upon the brand or the generation of the machine, the performance of drying varies.

Digo is a Nepali term that signifies "sustainable" and "established to manufacture 100 percent environmentally friendly items." Digo is a proudly Nepali-owned company that collaborates with over 100 artisan families to help us achieve our goal of sustainable living. Our craftsmen’s lives are made more dignified, comfortable, and secure by providing outstanding training and opportunities. We firmly adhere to fair wage standards and make a concerted effort to improve and protect the level of living and environment.

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