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Upcycled products

Upcycle generally means creative reuse. It is the process of transforming the by-product, waste materials, and unwanted materials into something new that can be of greater quality. Upcycle and recycling are two distinctive terms where recycling is to create something new using the useless materials and upcycle means to recycle the waste materials into something that is of higher value than the original material. Thus, adding value while recycling the product is upcycled. Taking something old to create something new is upcycling. Examples of upcycling can be making new shoes using materials from plastic bottles or reclaimed wood to make quality furniture. It supports a circular economy that is a system in which using the commodity multiple times rather than discarding it after one use. The system is sustainable as it relies on using what we already have rather than constantly creating something new.

With the help of upcycling, we can achieve reduction and reuse, which is also our brand’s motto to not affect nature. It is a refreshing solution to less consumption. With the increase in population, the demand also increases, which increases in demand for production, leading to more consumption and more items being disposed of. Thus, our products are upcycled using the old jeans, and different kinds of bags like a side shoulder bag, laptop bag, wallet & purses, and backpacks are made. As our products are eco-friendly, keeping that in mind we have made alternative upcycled bags for our clients around the globe.

In the current situation of our country, upcycling can play a very vital role as it helps to minimize the volume of waste that is being sent to landfills that have run out of their capacity due to improper management and also reduce the carbon emission by extending the lifespan of the product. It is important as it allows for the single-use item to be in use indefinitely. Our upcycled bags benefit the environment, society, and economy as well. Using upcycled bags means reducing the use of natural resources and raw materials. It reduces consumption and minimizes the strain on valuable resources, such as fuel, forests, and water supplies. It saves money as the old jeans are turned into bags that are useable for an extended period. The upcycled bags help in contributing to the planet as well, as it minimizes the extraction of natural resources. While manufacturing a product, carbon emissions are at their peak. Thus, when the upcycled bags have been used the demand for a new product will be less and therefore, less manufacturing leads to fewer carbon emissions which means less pollution in the environment.

With decades of expertise in making upcycled bags, we have been transforming the old useless jeans into a different type of bags which can be used by any general people as it is stronger than a normal plastic bag and more durable. In 2019 alone, the global denim (jeans) market was valued at approximately 90 billion USD and is projected to reach a value of around 107 billion USD by 2023. Textile waste including denim accounts for nearly 5% of all landfill space according to the environmental protection agency. This is why we have to have efficient upcycling technologies to revive the waste generated. Upcycling the pieces of denim into different kinds of bags is not only an alternative to fashion for people but also a great contribution to environmental conservation. The upcycled bags are useful to carry heavy grocery items and can be used for a longer time, unlike plastic bags. To waste less, and use more we need to use upcycled bags.

When someone buys our upcycled bag, they are contributing to the genuine cause of saving wildlife. It is estimated that a total of 1 billion animals are killed every year worldwide for leather in the leather industry. Murdering animals for the benefit of humankind is an extremely inhumane act. Therefore, purchasing one upcycled bag can contribute to saving the wildlife from their extinction.

Hence, choosing Digo is choosing a healthy lifestyle to live. We provide verities of upcycled bags to our clients all around the globe. The upcycled bags are stronger and can be washed multiple times as it is made from pieces of denim. The bags are made by adding a certain value to the old pieces of denim. Our business has always been centered on its people and the earth. Using and buying the upcycling product saves the materials and natural resources of the earth, protects the environment from the pollution of denim waste, and contributes a little to save the wildlife of the world. It can even help in minimizing the cost of production and shows your support for creativity and innovation. Slicing and stitching old clothes and other textiles to create new clothing are more manageable than breaking down old garments entirely which is a lot more efficient and responsible.

When you are using upcycled bags, you are helping the environment from pollution. Talking about the pollution, if more people use the upcycled products it leads to an increase in a decrease in demand for new items and less production is equal to less CO2.  Using the upcycled bags is more beneficial to people around the globe and Mother Nature. With limitless bag design options for you, choosing healthy is the way of showing your love and care towards nature. We serve you at our best by serving the environment. We satisfy your needs by providing you best options to make your life sustainable without jeopardizing the environment’s health as well. All people should switch to the use of upcycled bags as the denim waste is increasing every year. Thus, supporting creativity, using the upcycled bags can largely help on controlling the environment from pollution and the wastes in the landfill. Because of the various benefits of upcycled bags and the current situation being improbable, it is very essential to use the upcycled bags for everyone’s betterment and sustainability.

Digo is a Nepali term that signifies "sustainable" and "established to manufacture 100 percent environmentally friendly items." Digo is a proudly Nepali-owned company that collaborates with over 100 artisan families to help us achieve our goal of sustainable living. Our craftsmen’s lives are made more dignified, comfortable, and secure by providing outstanding training and opportunities. We firmly adhere to fair wage standards and make a concerted effort to improve and protect the level of living and environment.

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