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A name of Organic Lifestyle

Digo Living is a synonym to a organic lifestyle. We understand the importance of sustainability and stand with our planet and our people. 

The term ‘organic’ means producing or manufacturing the product without the use of any kinds of conventional pesticides or synthetic ingredients. The word organic means chemical-free. Talking about the organic product, organic products are non-harmful to the environment and people’s health as it is made from natural organic materials. Those materials are grown with natural fertilizers which can be compost and manure and the pests are controlled using birds, insects, traps, and naturally-derived pesticides.

Digo living is all about using an organic product to live a sustainable life or in other words a organic lifestyle without hampering the environment and people’s health. Our business promotes to use of different types of bags like wallets & Purses, Guitar Bags, Side bags, Laptop bags, Library bags, Tote bags, Shoulder bags, Green bags, and many more, which are biodegradable, reusable, durable, compostable, and environmentally friendly. Our organic bags are manufactured with natural fibers, with and low co2 footprint, and are easy for logo printing too. Unlike the organic bag, plastic requires valuable resources to produce such as petroleum and natural gas but also pervades the environment because of its inability to break down. Thus, plastics are non-biodegradable which alone takes 1000 years to degrade into smaller pieces. It is estimated that plastic bags are just used for about 12 minutes before it is discarded. So, why not use reusable, durable, and eco-friendly bags? Click here to visit our products.

One of the most economical ways of reducing plastic consumption is by using environmentally friendly bags i.e. our products. With centuries of expertise in making and selling organic bags worldwide, we have been successfully making a positive contribution to Mother Earth. As per the latest available data, 500 billion total bags are used annually worldwide, that is 150 bags per person, per year, which is a lot. Therefore, an economy bag would be more significant to use. Purchasing the organic bag means contributing to less fossil fuel use, and saving water and natural resources. Many countries have banned the use of plastic bags due to their harmful effect on the environment. Eco-friendly bags are stronger, durable, and less stressful to carry in our hands. Using organic bags is a way of showing support for the environment. There is a wide variety of custom bags that comes in different shape, colors, and slogans that we offer to our clients. Eco-friendly bags are made out of compostable natural materials. Trading up your plastic habits that take up to 1000 years into smaller pieces with something good for your health and everyone’s is a good deal. So, if one person switches to using organic bags, s/he will save 22,000 plastic bags over a lifetime. Hence, purchasing organic bags is one way of showing your support and care about yourself, your loved ones, and your environment’s health.

The current wastage disposal situation in our country explains how badly we have to avoid using plastic bags and switch to organic bags. This is one of the best ways to adapt an organic lifestyle. We can see how the wastes are being dumped on the roadside without any proper management as the landfill is full at its capacity which is not only bad for our health but also the environment is getting highly polluted. The leachate from the wastage flows through the land which ruins the quality of soil and results in air pollution because of the funky odor. Therefore, from this situation, we can learn and contribute a bit to nature to be less polluted by using organic bags which are environmentally healthy.

The raw materials that are used while making the bags like cotton, jute, and canvas fabric are collected from various garment manufacturers in our country. The issue with the non-organic bag is they are non-reusable, unlike the organic bags. As mentioned earlier, the non-organic bags are used for some minutes before they are disposed of but we can use the same eco-friendly bag multiple times for a long period which is degradable easily. The organic bags can be a bit costlier as compared to the non-organic ones because the non-organic bags are produced in mass while the organic bags are handcrafted, heavier, and generally stronger are made taking certain time and hard work of the artisans and since they are handcrafted, it can be used for an extended period of time. The main issue with collecting the raw materials is untimely production, unavailability of quality jute seeds & lack of irrigation. As the jute crop solely depends on monsoon rain, the untimely monsoon rain results in untimely production. The shortage of sufficient agricultural labor in rural areas highly affects production. We are helping to eradicate these problems by selling the organic products at proper value and when the organic products are highly demanded, it increases the production of jute, and thus, the laborers will be encouraged to engage there. Purchasing organic bags benefits not only Mother Earth but also all the people who are involved in the manufacturing process get benefited.

Digo Living is Nepali owned business brand that only sells authentic, organic bags to help people live a sustainable healthy life. As our business has certified alternatives of organic bags which can be used for different purposes by different kinds of people, it plays a facilitating role for people around the globe. Organic bags are eco-friendly biodegradable and can be easily discarded. Unlike plastic bags, organic products are not harmful to us and nature.  The air we breathe indirectly affects our health thus if the air is polluted it affects our health negatively and the beauty of nature is also lost. Therefore, it is very essential to take care of nature as a taking of nature is taking care of all the people’s and environment’s health.

As our company brand is about making people’s life sustainable by providing a sustainable environment for nature. With the increase in the use of plastic bags, our health is being at risk, and also the environment is being highly polluted. It is better to buy an organic product at a proper value that is stronger and can be reused rather than buying a plastic bag that has usability for some minutes and which is and uses chemicals that are harmful to humans and nature. As organic products are handcrafted carefully, they are durable, stronger, and easy to carry around. Our bags can be machine washed and soft, pleasant to touch. Thus, go buying organic to contribute to your health, environment, and country.

Digo is a Nepali term that signifies "sustainable" and "established to manufacture 100 percent environmentally friendly items." Digo is a proudly Nepali-owned company that collaborates with over 100 artisan families to help us achieve our goal of sustainable living. Our craftsmen’s lives are made more dignified, comfortable, and secure by providing outstanding training and opportunities. We firmly adhere to fair wage standards and make a concerted effort to improve and protect the level of living and environment.

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