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100% Nepali Owned

Digo Living is a proud 100% Nepali owned business working with over 100 families of artisans who actively participate in our mission to create sustainable living.

With Digo, people can live a wholesome, sustainable, and healthy life as we are known for making natural, eco-friendly, organic, bona fide bags and bag products that have been certified. Over the past two decades, we have been selling customized bags and packaging solutions that fit your needs to tons of different clients from all around the globe.  It is a fully Nepali owned business as it is working with over 100 families of artisans who are eager to create a feasible life supporting our vision and mission.

While working with the artisans, we are not only utilizing the available resources within the country but also providing them employment which helps them to maintain a reliable life. We use raw materials like canvas fabric, jute, and organic cotton, hemp yarns that are available and utilized. Hence, Digo is a 100% Nepali-owned business that has been providing outstanding training to handicraftsmen adhering them a fair wage to encourage more artisans and help people live a sustainable life.  As our products are biodegradable, this doesn’t affect the environment and can also be upcycled. Since we are a brand of being organic and authentic it is not harmful to you and Mother Earth. Why not support the products that are good for our health and the environment we live in?

We have been selling and exporting our different kinds of bags like Calico bags, Green bags, tote bags, sling bags, shoulder bags, satchel bags, Wallet & Purses, Guitar Bags, Side bags, and many more to different clients from all around the globe that is widely used by small, medium, and large businesses, schools, universities, offices, libraries, travel conferences and trade organizations in custom printing, design, and sizes. As a Nepali owned business, we work by collaborating with the local handicraftsman providing them with a fair wage with training facilities that helps them to live a congenial life. We’re not only providing the artisans with a better facility, but we also sell our product at a wholesale rate with worldwide fast delivery as possible to our clients. Our product ensures safety to the clients from the harmful chemical reaction which reduces the chance of allergy and any issues. Since our whole brand is all about being eco-friendly, our main contribution goes towards Mother Nature. All our products are biodegradable which eases the chances of environmental pollution. And as we work with the local craftsman, we provide them employment which not only helps them with a sustainable life but also encourages the youth to engage with the business.

Our business is committed to its people and the world. As Digo is a wholly Nepali owned business that uses the resources available inside the country, the raw materials are utilized to their best. We provide great alternatives of custom bags to our clients in our community which facilitates them to satisfy their needs without affecting their health, the upcoming generation’s future, and the environment. And using our compostable products ensures better community health and increases in life expectancy of people. Thus, our products are reusable, durable for a long period, and economically feasible which is in the benefits of the community as a whole.

Digo is a Nepali term that signifies "sustainable" and "established to manufacture 100 percent environmentally friendly items." Digo is a proudly Nepali-owned company that collaborates with over 100 artisan families to help us achieve our goal of sustainable living. Our craftsmen’s lives are made more dignified, comfortable, and secure by providing outstanding training and opportunities. We firmly adhere to fair wage standards and make a concerted effort to improve and protect the level of living and environment.

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